Information of update.


04.07.26 Closing English pages.

02.09.23 Starting update.

02.01.17 Modifying link miss for photography.

01.09.29 Update link for Nichiren Shu Los Angeles

01.01.12 Checking HTML grammar.

00.12.12 Adding MP3 sounds.

00.12.11 Moving directory.

00.06.09 Checking linkage of Buddhism.

00.05.19 Adding linkage of Buddhism.

00.01.05 Changing design.

98.10.12 Minor update.

98.02.07 Correcting the mistake of spelling and grammar.

98.01.29 A chronological table of Monzaemon Chikamatsu is finished.

98.01.26 Attribute of image data is updated.

98.01.06 I add photographs for outline Page etc.

98.01.05 I update linkage for Kabuki etc.

98.01.04 I update linkage for Bunraku etc.

98.01.03 I update linkage and background etc.

97.12.24 I add linkage page.

97.09.03 I changed a page of the opening. I want to make English sites with enough level during this autumn.

97.03.28 English version started. All English HTML is New. (^_^)v

96.06.29 Homepage started. (Japanese Version)


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